FASTDRY™ Drying Towel

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Do You Recognise This?

Being the last one to shower and having to dry the shower with a squeegee or a towel. A few minutes later, you think you're done, but the shower is actually still damp. This leads to limescale and a waste of time.

Introducing the FASTDRYDrying Towel:

⭑ Quickly & Easily Dries Your Shower
Ensures a Limescale-free
Absorbs up to 800ml
of Water
⭑ Large Size 40x60cm 

Quickly & Easily Dry The Shower

Drying the shower is usually no fun, but from now on, it'll only take a few seconds. Just one swipe with the cloth over the wet surface, and it's instantly dry. Say goodbye to the shower squeegee and/or towel.

Our dry cloth boasts exceptional absorbency, capable of soaking up to 800ml of water without dripping. Simply wring it out, and it's ready to use again.

Streak & Smear-free Drying

Say farewell to streaks and smears. Our dry cloth is specially made to ensure tiles, glass doors, knobs, taps, and mirrors dry streak and smear-free, making them shine like new!

Note: the cloth works best on smooth surfaces and with light relief.

A Limescale-Free Bathroom

Limescale on tiles or the floor is common in many bathrooms due to improper drying. It's a shame to have your new bathroom covered in limescale within 1-2 years. A shower squeegee and/or towel often leaves the wall still damp, leading to limescale formation.

Our dry cloth fully dries the bathroom, ensuring years of enjoyment from a limescale-free bathroom. Not satisfied with the cloth? No problem, return it for free!

"Can I only use the cloth for the shower?"

Our dry cloth is versatile and not just for showers. Windows, washbasins, taps, mirrors, kitchen countertops, and cars can all be dried using our dry cloth.

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Please note: We are the official seller of the FASTDRY Dry Cloth. Beware of other companies claiming to sell our dry cloth.

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