Simplify.™️ 14-in-1 Multifunctional Chopper

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Say Goodbye to Tedious Meal Prep 

Are you tired of spending endless hours in the kitchen chopping vegetables?

The Simplify. 14-in-1 Multifunctional Chopper is here to revolutionise your meal prep experience!

Did You Know?

According to a recent survey, the average Australian spends over 5 hours per week on meal preparation. Imagine what you could do with all that extra time! The Simplify.™️ Chopper is designed to help you reclaim your precious hours and make cooking a breeze. 🥗

Celebrated By Australian Kitchens

Our Chopper has become a staple in Aussie kitchens nationwide. Its versatility and efficiency have won over home cooks and professional chefs alike.

Whether you're whipping up a quick weeknight dinner or prepping for a big family feast, this tool is your ultimate kitchen companion

Benefits of The Simplify. 14-in-1 Chopper

✅ Save Time With Quick Meal Prep

✅ Versatile Tool For All Vegetables

✅ Minimise Clutter With One Device

✅ Achieve Consistent Cutting Results

✅ Prioritise Safety With Non-Slip Base

✅ Invest In Durable, Long-Lasting Quality

✅ Easy To Clean & Maintain

✅ Comfortable To Use With Ergonomic Design

Simplify Your Life, One Meal At A Time

In today's fast-paced world, every minute counts. The Simplify. Chopper empowers you to take control of your time and enjoy stress-free meal preparation.

Whether you're a busy professional, a parent juggling multiple responsibilities, or a health enthusiast looking to eat well, this tool is your key to simplified cooking. 🔑

14 Functions In One Compact Tool

Boasting an innovative multi-blade design, offering 14 different functions to streamline your meal prep. From slicing and dicing to grating and julienning, this tool can handle it all.

Say goodbye to cluttered drawers full of single-purpose gadgets and hello to the ultimate space-saving solution.

Superior Quality & Materials

  • Premium stainless steel
  • BPA-free plastic
  • Non-slip base 
  • Protective finger guards
  • Compact size 
    • 34cm x 10.5cm

The Simplify. Chopper is built to last. Its durable construction ensures reliable performance.

Feel Safe With A Money Back Guarantee