CoolTech™ Cooling Comforter

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Colour: Grey
Size: Single | 100cm X 150cm

Reduce Anxiety, Stress & Uneasiness While You Sleep

Are you Tired of tossing and turning through hot, sleepless nights?

The CoolTech™ Cooling Comforter is here to revolutionise your sleep experience, offering a sanctuary from the heat that disrupts your rest. 

Designed with your deepest discomforts in mind, this comforter is not just a solution; it's a transformation for your nighttime woes. 

It's more than a blanket; it's a cutting-edge solution that regulates your temperature, ensuring your sleep is uninterrupted by warmth.

Celebrated By Australians

Recognised by medical professionals and cherished by those battling hot flushes, the CoolTech™ Comforter is a beacon of relief. It doesn't just cool; it soothes, making restorative sleep and muscle relaxation a reality.

Join our community of well slept, comforted Australian customers.

CoolTech™ Cooling Comforter Benefits

✅ Reduce Your Anxiety & Stress

✅ Enhance Your Sleep Quality

✅ Saves $1,000's On Air Conditioning Bills 

✅ Wake Up Feeling Fresh & Renewed

✅ Eliminate Sweaty Tossing & Turning 

✅ Delivers A Cooler, More Comfortable Night's Sleep 

✅ Australian Owned, Operated & Shipped

✅ Risk Free - 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

    Proven To Decrease Anxiety & Restless Nights

    Anxiety and restlessness are formidable foes of sleep, but our scientifically designed comforter, endorsed by global medical experts, promises more than temporary relief. It offers a deeper calm, reducing anxiety and fostering a state of relaxation that invites sleep with open arms.

    Save $1,000's on Energy Bills

    Embrace the dual benefit of comfort and savings with the CoolTech™ Cooling Comforter. It's an investment in your health that pays off by slashing energy costs. There is now no need to run air conditioning all night long, making it perfect for hot sleepers and cost-conscious minds alike.


    • Easy To Care For & Versatile: Washing machine-friendly
    • Multi-Purpose: Snuggling on the couch, in bed, in the car, during office naps, movie nights, travel, parks, beaches, pools, trains, planes, or any occasion.


    The CoolTech™ isn't just a comforter; it's your passport to peaceful nights and energetic mornings.

    What’s Included

    1 x CoolTech™ Cooling Comforter

    Feel Safe With A 100% Money Back Guarantee