AstroTrack™ Race Car Set

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Size: 92-Piece Car & Track Set

Foster The Ultimate Race Track Adventure

Revitalise your child's playtime with our AstroTrack™ Race Car Set! Offering a new level of excitement with gravity-defying thrills at every turn, this set promises endless fun.

It's perfect for both indoor and outdoor adventures, allowing kids to creatively utilise household items like chairs and tables to construct their dream tracks. A world of imagination and excitement awaits!

Celebrated by Aussie Mums & Kids

The AstroTrack™ is celebrated by Aussie mums and kids as a thrilling addition to playtime, fostering creativity and excitement. Families across Australia are embracing this innovative toy, creating unforgettable memories and imaginative adventures right at home.

It's hailed as a game-changer in children's play, blending fun with educational value.

Benefits Of The AstroTrack™

✅ Simple Assembly, Endless Design Possibilities

✅ Boosts Creativity & Intelligence

✅ Hours of Engaging Fun

✅ Exciting High-Speed Adventures

✅ Durable, Long-Lasting Build

✅ Ideal for Gifting

✅ Australian Owned, Operated & Shipped

✅ Risk Free - 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Boosts Creativity & Intelligence

The AstroTrack™ uniquely enhances creativity and intelligence by offering 360-degree turns and unlimited track configurations. It encourages kids to use household items like chairs and books for tunnels and bridges, pushing boundaries with gravity-defying loops.

This hands-on approach not only entertains for hours but significantly improves hand-eye coordination as children build intricate tracks, fostering an innovative mindset and skillful precision in young minds.

Exciting High-Speed Adventures

The AstroTrack™ Set offers high-speed thrills, challenging children to create dynamic, fast tracks for exhilarating races. It promotes skill development and imagination through engaging, fast-paced play, turning playtime into a captivating adventure of speed and creativity. 

Ideal for Gifting

The AstroTrack™ Race Car Set is an exceptional gift for kids 3+, promoting hands-on fun and enhancing parent-child bonding during play, making every occasion memorable.

Material Excellence

The AstroTrack™ is crafted from durable ABS plastic, ensuring it's built to last and environmentally friendly, as ABS is both recycled and recyclable. This makes the playset a reliable choice for endless fun.


  • Suitable for Ages 3 and Up
  • Requires 3x AAA Batteries (Not Included)
  • Made from Durable ABS Plastic
  • Lightweight, Under 1500g
  • Features Interchangeable Car Skins