CopperFlex™ | Therapy Gloves for Hand Pain

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Say Goodbye To Chronic Hand Pain and Stiffness

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Do You Struggle With Chronic Hand Pain? Is Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Or Joint Stiffness Making Everyday Tasks Difficult?

Our CopperFlex™ Therapy Gloves Provide Effective Pain Relief. 

Did You Know?

According To The Australian Institute Of Health And Welfare, Over 3.6 Million Australians Suffer From Arthritis And Other Hand-related Conditions.

The Pain Can Range From Mild Discomfort To Debilitating Aches That Limit Daily Activities.

How Can You Find Relief? 🩺

Trusted By Thousands Of Australians

CopperFlex™ Therapy Gloves Have Helped Countless Australians Regain Comfort And Mobility In Their Hands.

Our Gloves Provide Targeted Compression And Copper-Infused Fabric To Reduce Pain, Swelling, And Stiffness. 🙌

Benefits Of CopperFlex™ Therapy Gloves

✅ Relieve Arthritis & Joint Pain

✅ Reduce Swelling & Inflammation

✅ Improve Hand Mobility & Strength

✅ Provide Soothing Compression & Support

✅ Enhance Circulation For Faster Healing

✅ Suitable For All-Day & Overnight Wear

✅ Australian Owned & Operated

✅ Risk Free - 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Clinically-Proven Pain Relief and Healing

CopperFlex™ Gloves Feature Precisely Targeted Compression To Boost Circulation, Reduce Swelling, And Relieve Pain.

Copper-Infused Fabric Enhances The Therapeutic Benefits, With Anti-Inflammatory And Analgesic Properties. Feel The Difference In Minutes!

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Don't Let Hand Pain Hold You Back. Our Comfortable, Breathable Gloves Are Perfect For Wearing All Day While Working, Driving, Or Going About Your Daily Routine.

Feel Safe With A Money Back Guarantee